Review of Casual PC Game Alice’s Tea Cup Madness

Cafe style time management games are fairly alike. Started by the Diner Dash series, other brands swiftly followed like Cake Mania and a slew of single titles with fantasy, realistic, and magical cafe settings. Not to be outdone by time management games, the hidden object genre is another top seller for casual game outlets. Alice’s Tea Cup Madness is the best of both.
Following more in the footsteps of Cake Mania, in this game Alice runs a Mad Tea House by filling tea and pastry orders. As the player, you must make variations of the same products based on style, toppings, and color. There is a familiar customer management system of bonuses for seating the same colored character in the same chair. Where other games developed the mechanics of this time management style, Alice’s Tea Cup Madness explodes with gorgeous graphics and game play that makes sense.

One of the best aspects of the game play is blending tasks you must wait on, capitalizing on similar orders for bonuses, and order enhancements to boost your money score. At the end of each level, you can buy cafe upgrades, but everything is mechanical (instant serving tray) or decorative (nicer lamps). For increasing Alice’s speed or an instant creation of orders, individual customers have those boosts on them and they are applied immediately after you collect their money.

To change things up, after every few levels, Alice plays a mini-game posed by who else but the Cheshire Cat. He is up to his old mischief and will rearrange Alice’s cafe in a 5 minute hidden object hunt. In another, he confiscated Alice’s cups and food and drops them from a tree while Alice avoids the dishes and catches the food for points. Both have goals you have to pass, but the money you make is available for spending on cafe upgrades before the next regular level.

What keeps you playing is the very clever graphics. Alice in Wonderland is full of the most outrageous and fantastical characters in English literature. The graphics here do not disappoint as a happy marriage between bright colors and detailed renditions.

One drawback to Alice’s Tea Cup Madness is a lack of replay incentive. There aren’t any bonus levels or even a way to share your high score globally. There is also no endless mode. Finally, in the regular game play, there is a pattern to the later levels where customers will have the same order in groups of three, so you can sometimes predict a customer’s order.

Tips and Tricks:

Start making pastries right away, and you can store more than 3 at a time. It’s a good idea to keep 6-9 pastries of each type on hand, you won’t be penalized for unused pastry.

Invest in upgrading the serving platter as soon as possible, as it makes the serving combo easier and saves you time so you can serve more customers.

The highest points come from combinations, such as using the extend feature to place a garnish on multiple glasses or pastries.

In the falling food mini-game, each food is worth the same, and the points go up the longer you go without hitting a dish.

What to Do When an Xbox 360 Stops Reading Game Discs

The Xbox 360 has a history of technical issues, not the least of which are the problems with its disc drive. Recently, my own beleaguered Xbox began to read game discs poorly, sometimes giving an open tray error or simply calling the disc bad, while it read music CDs completely fine.
If your Xbox 360 won’t read game discs, but seems to read other types of discs, here’s what you’ll need to do to get it working again.

1. First, clean the disc drive. Often, an Xbox 360 will read other types of discs because, well, they’re easier to read than the game discs. A bit of dirt on the lens can certainly disrupt the console’s ability to play games, so you’ll want to clean the lens. It would void your warranty to open up the Xbox 360 and clean the lens manually with a bit of isopropyl alcohol (though you’re welcome to do so if you’re a fairly technical person and your warranty’s already void, just be very careful), but you can often clean the lens the lazy way by opening the disc drive and spraying compressed air towards the general area of the lens. Use short, controlled bursts, and be sure to hold the can of compressed air properly–there’s instructions on the side of the can. Don’t spray too much. After a minute or so, try the drive and see if it works. Note that you’ll have to restart the system to see if it’s working.

2. Clean the vents. If the Xbox 360 is overheating, it may need to have better ventilation–overheating causes a lot of disc errors, though it’s less of a common cause than a dirty lens when other types of discs are reading. Still, worth a shot. Clean the back vents with compressed air and be sure to place the Xbox 360 somewhere where it’s less likely to overheat–keep it away from walls and out of cabinets that can cause the problem.

3. Use a disc cleaner. You can also use commercial disc cleaners, which are discs with brushes that you touch with isopropyl alcohol, then play like a CD. This is good if there’s a bit of grime you can’t get, though usually they don’t do any more than the compressed air will do, and they certainly cost a bit more. If you’ve got one laying around though, it’s worth a shot.

Do you have any other tips for fixing an Xbox 360 that won’t read game discs? Post in our comments section below.t

Game Review – the Adventures of Dr. Franken (SNES)

The Adventures of Dr. Franken is a game initially released for the Game Boy by Elite Systems and published by Kemco. It was later ported over to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993 after having experienced great success on the Game Boy platform.
In The Adventures of Dr. Franken, the plot isn’t really presented to you. Like many other games of this type, the goal here is to go around and defeat or avoid enemies while surving the individual levels. While this lacks depth in terms of actual storyline viability, it doesn’t detract from the amount of fun you can have from the game. Since The Adventures of Dr. Franken is a standardized platformer, it retains its edge despite having no plot (which isn’t really necessary; after all, some of the Mario games don’t have much of a plot).

The graphics in The Adventures of Dr. Franken are decent; I’d say they’re average. The developers certainly could’ve invested a lot more time into the sprites and environment backgrounds, but given the budget and timeframe they were working with I would say they did a pretty fair job. The character sprite himself is rather pixelated and looks completely silly, but it’s quite an upgrade from the GB version. Environments are also pixelated and pay no attention to details.

The audio in The Adventures of Dr. Franken is pretty average, too; the developers didn’t attempt to make this anything noteworthy. Since this game is a sort-of generic platformer, there’s simply nothing to speak of in terms of advantage in making a good sound track for it. That said, the music doesn’t even take advantage of the stereo sound capabilities of the SNES! The main theme here is Moonlight Sonata, which isn’t really ever altered significantly.

The Adventures of Dr. Franken is a rather easy game, with the control scheme being that of a standard platformer. While it’s not overly simplistic by any means, there’s no added depth or complexity of gameplay. Despite this, I rather enjoy Mario-style platformers, so I didn’t dislike it.

In closing, I’d give The Adventures of Dr. Franken a reasonable 2.5 out of 5. While it’s lackluster in terms of audio and graphics, it has decent game play and is reminiscent of many popular games like Mario. Seemingly, The Adventures of Dr. Franken is a stylized version of a classic game we’ve all played for years.

Review: Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for PSP

Monster Hunter Freedom 2: For the PSP – Big Review! – Most of us PSP users should know about the awesome game that is Monster Hunter Freedom by Capcom. Well today, the Sequel has just released, action packed, and funner than ever. Even if you aren’t into RPGs or action games, if you own a PSP, definitely give this game a chance.
The Setting is in the Pokke Village, a snowy mountainous area of monstrous creatures and fantasy. You, play as a Monster Hunter that is in charge of keeping your Village safe from all creatures that give a threat to the people. In this game, expect many, many dinosaur and reptile related monsters. This is basically a hack-and-slash game, but has much detail and declines mindless button-mashing most of the game play. During the game you will have many quests that you must accomplish in order to help out your village. Most Villagers will ask for your help, to either defend them against a certain creature, whish is usually a big boss for you, or fight against a group of monsters attacking the village.

Other villagers will ask your assistance in finding herbs and ingredients for them. If villagers seem pretty fine on their own and have no needs of your work, you can always go to the Gathering Hall where quests are posted there. Customization is very complex and simple, allowing you to choose your basic looks (hair, face, etc.) and even your voice sound. You also have your own home where cooking cats create food for you on the spot. There are over 700 weapons in the game in which you can slay your targeted enemies, 250 quests, and 1,400 armor pieces! With all this, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 should keep you occupied just arranging what to bring to battle. This game uses real life physics, and realistic life rules such as, energy and damage.

If you go into a cold area with light clothing, you will experience cold bite, or freezing setbacks lowering your energy to attack and run as fast. Same rules apply with hot temperature, wearing too much clothing to a boiling area will be too hot and heavy to attack with your best of your abilities. If this does happen, there are always items to help you out, such as warm food, and cool drinks to gain energy and power back. Another helpful item is the paintball, which you splatter on your enemy when it is low on health, just in case it runs away you can always track it down. After a monster dies, you can gather other items from its corpse such as bones to create weapons with, or use the meat for food or armor.

The camera in the game is kind of funky, frequently not giving you a focused camera to move around, focusing on other monster besides the main target, and no lock-on, which can add difficulty when attacking a certain monster in a crowd. It isn’t a huge problem though, as the game play is smooth and usually not a big thing to worry about, only a minor downside in the game. Along with one downside, another one is that monsters are much bigger and smarter now. They seem to have their own mind, not just following AI. You might think, what is so bad about that? Well sometimes they are too difficult, too big, and much more clever than you are. If you slash a dinosaur over and over again it will change tactics and quickly out wit you.

It is especially harder when tracking down a specific flying monster, once low on health, it can either fly away, or find reinforcements turning your hills into mountains, and although this is a good challenge, the game has many good hard levels, and bad hard levels. You will usually end up dying, reloading and starting your search again, hopefully more prepared than previously. Now if you feel that the game is way too hard, you can always find some backup of your own. Using the Ad-Hoc feature on your PSP you can play together with your friends and team up creating more of ease the next time. As we always hear, two monster hunters are better than one. Finding your monster hunter is very simple. Go into the Gathering Hall, and wait till one of you accepts the request, and then presto! While in the Hall together, you can sit, chat, drink, and exchange your stats. Overall, this game is very deep and action packed. Every PSP user should give this game a try, because it is just simple fun. Not complicated, just a fun run fight hack-and-slash adventure game that many people can enjoy.

An easier way to use super mario run hack tool on the web

From the small aged kids to the elder adults, everyone is a very big fan of the super mario game from the beginning to till now. There have been really several advancements and developments in the series of super mario games. But this new version of super mario run game is especially for the mobile device users. Those who have Android and iOS mobile devices can download and install the super mario run game from Google Playstore and Apple Appstore simultaneously to enjoy your time better.

Different aspects of super mario run game:

When considering the super mario run game, an ultimate aim of the players should be earning unlimited numbers of gaming resources like coins to your gaming account. On 7th September, 2016 first announcement of this game was released at the annual iphone event of the Apple Inc. The news of releasing this advanced version of android and ios based mario game is really surprised to all fans who have more than a decade of experience in playing the super mario game. The actual base of the game is same but there are several numbers of advancements and upgraded features introduced in this game. The release date of this super mario run is actually scheduled to 15th December, 2016 first for the Apple devices and later for the Android devices. This game actually included the unity engine and each and every player can surely enjoy 2.5 D graphics in this game. This graphic option of the super mario run game is similar to the new super mario bros video game.

As it is the new kind of game, here in this platform you need more amounts of coins to be collected in your super mario account. For this purpose, everyone is advised to unlock super mario run .  The hack tool of this new version of super mario game is basically a very good online hack generator to generate your desired amounts of coins. Once the players of the super mario run game player have found the best and trustworthy type of hack tool for your successful game play, it is always essential to enter the exact username of your super mario run game. The hacking platforms requires your username not the password only because to add the generated coins to your account. It is advisable to don’t go for the hack tool which will ask you to enter the password of your super mario run gaming account. This is because not the reliable hacking platforms will ask you to enter the password.

Actual benefits of the super mario run hack:

Once the players of the super mario run video game have selected the particular hack tool which is trustworthy and widely used by the different numbers of world class super mario game players, everyone can surely get the following benefits through the hacking process.

  • Unlimited coins
  • Latest super mario run chat room to ask your doubts from the experts in the support team.
  • Simple to use
  • Highly protective with the anti-ban system
  • Safe and secure
  • Totally online with no required to download
  • Free to use

In order to generate your desired amounts of coins to your super mario hack tool, it is always better using the super mario run hack with the complete reliability and reputability. The players of this video game don’t need to spend any amount to make use of it because all the hack tools of the super mario run game are free to use. At the same time, the hack tool users don’t worry about banning account. Almost all the hack tools are including the anti-ban property or system which will completely hide your hacking process from the developer of this game.

By this way, your super mario run gaming account is totally protected at all. The generated coins of your desired amounts will be directly added to your super mario run gaming account without any delay. At the last step, all the hack tools of this super mario games will ask you to finish the human verification and then only the generated coins will be added to your super mario gaming account.

Cheating your way to the top – Madden NFL Mobile 17

This time around I would like to discuss which is better to use, cheats or Madden NFL hacks in order to get ahead of your fellow players?  Let’s see what makes these different and what’s the pros and cons of each approach.

Pros and cons of hacks:


  • They are great if you need a quick fix, especially in terms of cash and coins.
  • If you need to stagnate because of a bad financial situation or decision
  • They are very easy to access for the mobile app and you don’t even need to download them or use any difficult cracks in order to use them.


  • They can make you rely on them.
  • Getting a hack is easy but they won’t make you a better manager or more responsible player
  • If you use them frequently, it may harm your whole game. After all it’s all about gaming and playing and planning. When some get their hands on unlimited hack resources, it will make them go out of line pretty easily.
  • Hacks are often considered illegal. If one doesn’t deal with them responsibly they may jeopardize the whole game.


Pros and cons of cheats:


  • While cheats will show you lots of tricks within the game, you won’t have to cheat per se. You will only get smarter and will get to know tons of information more.
  • There is literally tons of them. Those fans who have been playing for years are collecting these to publish them for others from time to time. You can soon become an expert if you start going through all these cheat sheets.
  • Once you start to get into the game, you can start preparing and sharing your own cheat sheets on gaming forums. Not only will you become popular, this is also a great gaming community building method.


  • It is slow when you need quick help or when you need to earn lots of coins.
  • It takes plenty of time to learn and for you to be ready to use them properly.

As I have seen a very interesting phenomenon online as in people confusing cheats with hacks and vice versa, I felt that I needed to clarify the main differences between the two.

As you can see the two are ultimately very different because hacks basically break-in and exploit a backdoor within the game and they will give you effortless and totally unmerited benefits cheats are the tricks that tell you how you can outsmart the system by doing or repeating specific steps in a specific stage. Cheats will ultimately make you become cleverer while playing.

While there are literally dozens of pages offering Madden NFL mobile hack this or that way, these are not static websites, they change from time to time because hacks are ultimately not legal when it comes to gaming. Overall after you find a good site, I suggest you to use hacks once or twice but never rely on them all too much to avoid losing your love for the game aspect of it.

Is there an Easy Way to Get Cheats for Dragon City Game?

If you are just short of a few gems, gold and food while playing Dragon City then do not worry. Are you just short of becoming a Dragon Master, but for the dwindling supply of resources?  You have the right to get as much of these resources to keep up with your winning streak. But how are you going to do this? You have the single well proven way to do it like the rest of your kin in this thrilling game. This is by browsing online for the several websites that literally throw these gems, gold and food for anyone who asks for it. The Dragon City Hack was born out of this very demand for resources among players. It would do you a lot good than without for sure.

Gaming with more confidence

A lot of people would feel peeved if they lose out of resources when actually they were a just a few moments away from winning. Hence, a continuous supply of such cheats would give you enough momentum while playing and also boost your confidence. It would be wiser not to quit from your game when your conscience says that you are about to beat down your opponents.

Again, for new comers this is surely a big relief as they are quite new to the game and quite naturally may lose their resources pretty fast. Further, there is no need for you to pay anything as there are good sites that sell these resources free of cost. All you need to do is to give is a couple of detail. This is the operating system of your device and the number of resources that you may need.

There is no downloading of powerful software and the Dragon City Hack are the only thing that you will need. Most companies offer the same with some slight variations in their offers.  You may after having uploaded the tools generate any number of resources and then restart the game.

The Dragon City is, as you may be aware already, full of activities and you may not even have an idea about how fast you are spending your resources. Naturally, you may even need it for providing food for the dragons, hatching of eggs and raising your own dragons. For all these you need your resource generating tools.


Powerful online generator

Your resource generator is quite powerful and has enough ability to keep a few steps before the gaming site. This ensures you with relative stability of getting resources without any hindrance and without much of risks. This is due to the software that these Dragon City Hack websites use. The software is constantly monitored, kept updated and is always free from malware.

You may now without the least fear concentrate on your game and try to become a Dragon Master. This of course to a great deal depend upon the way you use your free resources as the opponents too would have dived at the opportunity. In the end your resources and your commitment counts.

Should you use a Pokemon Go Hack?

The Effectiveness of Pokemon go Online Hack Tool

In these modern days most of people would like to play advanced mobile games that are quite helpful to pleasant entertainments. The pokemon go game is a combination of reality and mobile based game. This game is now exclusively available in online so users can downbalod it on android and iphone mobile devices. The pokemon go game is an interesting game but players should work hard to finish the tough levels of this game. Actually hack tool is an effective solution to simply break the tough restrictions of game. The players are now able to use hack tool for pokemon go game so players no need any hassle about results of this exciting game. The pokemon go online hack is getting popular because it helps them to accurate results.  The players can get free pokecoins through pokemon go online hack method so players just love it to use on pokemon go game.

Why Pokemon Go Online Hack is now best 

Actually pokemon go hack tools are now very popular because those are helpful to get many features without spending money. The pokemon go online hack helps players to enjoy these features such as

  • The players can able get unlimited free poker coins
  • They can get some free incense
  • The players can receive daily updates form hack tool
  • It does not provide any virus and warms
  • The players no need any download


These exclusive features are really important for players who love to play pokemon go game. The players should have reliable internet connection to complete the hacking very easily as well as accurately. The players can able to unlock any resources of pokemon go with help of different hack tools. The users can feel the secure if they choose an online hack tool option for hacking.

Enjoy the Pokémon go game with the pokecoins

Are you a game lover and want to get the exciting game play of the games through online? Then, there are numerous sites available for offering you the games. As the way, the Pokémon go is one of the games that can give you the interesting features for the players while enjoying the game play. Actually, it is the location based game which is also gives you the real world gaming experience.  For these reasons, most of the game lovers like to enjoy this game for getting the stunning game play.

To play this game, you just need to have the mobile device that can support your Pokémon game play. However, the mobile phone should also have some other features like camera, GPS and the internet connection. If you have all these kinds of he features on your mobile, you can enjoy the gameplay as you want.

When you have enjoyed this game, you definitely know the importance of the pokecoins. Yes, the pokecoins are the essential things for buying the variety of the resources in the game. Of course, you can also buy the free pokecoins for the game play through the different kinds of ways that are available over the internet.

Pixle Gun 3D Game – How can you be Nr.1 ?

Useful tips for being Number 1 in Pixel Gun 3D

Are you really interested in playing the battle games and looking for the best game to enjoy your pastime? Then, there are many interesting games available for you over the internet. Among these games, the Pixel gun 3d game is one of the games which give you the stunning game play with the wars. As it can give you more and more fun and amusement while playing through online, most of the players like to choose these kinds of the game for enjoying the wonderful benefits. Of course, this gaming software is also available online for free of cost and therefore, you can easily download and install the gaming software in your computer. As well as, the internet has also offered you the Pixel Gun 3D Hack for the players for increasing their gaming performance.  In this article, you will see how to access the cheats for this Pixel Guns 3D game.

Features of Pixel Gun 3D hacks

If you want to improve the gaming performance of your Pixel Gun 3d game and looking for the best options, then the hack tool can be the best choice for you. In that manner, the hack tool of this game can give you a large number of benefits when you use.

As the way, you can gain unlimited coins and the gems for unlocking the features without playing the game.

  • This hack tool is free to use and therefore, you can access it without paying any amount.
  • Of course, this tool is also having the antiban measures and therefore, you will not be visible as you are using this tool for playing this game.
  • This hack tool is also free from the viruses and other forms of the threats. Therefore, you need not to worry about installing this hack tool on your device.
  • It is also possible to use this tool even through the internet without downloading any software.

pixel gun 3d hack

How to use the hack tool for accessing the features?

If you have decided to use the Pixel Gun 3D Hack for playing the game, you have to follow some important things that are listed as follows.

  • Initially, you have to choose the right site that is offering you the hack tool for your Pixel gun 3d game.
  • Among all the sites, you have to choose the best site by analyzing the features and services that are mentioned over the online reviews.
  • Once you have found the right site, you can start to hack. For this purpose, you have to provide your gaming account. This is the username which you have used for playing the game.
  • Then, it is important to mention the amount of gems and coins that you are needed to buy for your account.
  • After you have mentioned these things, your account will be delivered with the specified amount of the resources instantly.

Thus, you can use the hack tool for getting the resources of the Pixel Gun 3D game in the easiest manner.

Improve your gaming performance by using the castle clash hack tool

Improve your gaming performance by using the castle clash hack tool

Do you have interested in playing the games over the internet and often looking for the best games to enjoy? Then, here is the perfect solution for you. Yes, there are a large number of games that are offered through the internet and therefore, you can download your favorite games as you want. In that manner, the castle clash is one of the games that are also offered through the internet. Actually, it is the strategy based role playing game that can give the wonderful features. As it is offering the tremendous excitement for the players, most of the gamblers like to enjoy the game whenever they want. Added to that, this tool is also offered with the game for the players to increase their gaming performance. In this article, you will see about this castle clash hack in the most effective manner.

Play the castle clash game on different device

When you want to increase your gaming experience and performance in the Castle Clash game, you can use the hack tool. Yes, the hack tool is definitely useful for the users for improving the player’s performance in the most effective way.

In fact, the castle clash hack is really a new game release that you can play in the variety of the devices like as follows.

  • Personal computer
  • Desktop computer
  • Android mobiles
  • iPhone
  • iPad

For those people who like to stand out among the other players in the form of the scores and the prizes, the tool can be the best and effective solution for them. In that manner, this hack is offering the wonderful features for the people to increase their gaming performance.

Things you can gain using the hack tool

When you have used this hack tool for playing the castle clash game, you can get a wide range of features. In that manner, some of the features that you can gain are listed as follows.

In this manner, you can get all these features with the help of this hack tool. With the help of this tool, the player can enjoy the wonderful gaming in the improved manner.

However, the online offered castle clash hack is highly safe and secure. Furthermore, it is undetected that you are using this hack tool to others. As well as, it is available with the extensible functionality that can offer 24X7 supports with your account.

In fact, these kinds of the hack tool are often available through the variety of the internet sites. So, if you are looking for getting the hack tool, then you can search over the internet. However, it can definitely provide you the best and effective way to enjoy the game play as you want. Therefore, you have to choose the best and reliable site for downloading the hack tool for the castle clash game to enjoy the best gaming experience.